AFL-CIO Endorses Campaign for Postal Banking

Delegates to the 2017 AFL-CIO Convention unanimously passed Resolution 46 to “Support Postal Financial Services and Postal Banking.” The resolution states that “the AFL-CIO endorses and supports the ‘Campaign for Postal Banking,’ including the ongoing efforts to compel the Postal Service to provide basic financial services such as paycheck cashing and electronic funds transfer, as a step toward establishing nonprofit, public postal banking.”

From the floor of the AFL-CIO Convention, APWU Legislative and Political Director Judy Beard spoke passionately in favor of the resolution. Watch the video here!

Beard says:

The Postal Service already has a presence in these [underserved] communities. The Postal Service is well-suited to provide this service. Financial services in the Postal Service will promote an economy that serves the public, not Wall Street.

The postal banking resolution was introduced in conjunction with Resolution 21: “Holding Wall Street Accountable.” Chris Shelton, president of the Communications Workers of America said in support of this resolution:

We must fight to stop Wall Street’s growing power over our economy, our politics, and especially our lives…We need to have postal banking in the country. We need to impose a 21st century Glass Steagall Act. We need to make sure Wall Street no longer rigs the tax code to their benefit and leaves us paying the bills and instead pays their fair share through a financial transaction tax or, as we call it, a Wall Street sales tax…We need to stand up together in solidarity to take on the power of Wall Street. Are you with me brothers and sisters?
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Support from CLUW too!
Delegates to the 19th Biennial Convention of the Coalition of Labor Union Women (CLUW) are also with us on postal banking, passing a strong resolution. CLUW’s convention theme was “WOMEN: Taking It to the Streets!” The Campaign for Postal Banking looks forward to working with CLUW to take postal banking to the streets!

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